DISTRACTIONS - "S/T" C40 (Plus Tapes)

What a pleasant surprise.Chicago's Plus Tapes is such an unexpected mixed-bag, that I wasn't too sure what I was getting into.Within the first 2 minutes of this, I knew there was no turning back.Distractions pull off 8 songs of sharp and jangly chords, melodic vocal harmonies, and and enough early 70's pop/rock throwback to make you want cough up a paisley shirt.There's a quick game of "Who's your favorite Wilson?" and the band seems to be stuck somewhere between Brian's Smiley Smile' and Dennis' collab tapes with Charlie Manson.There's a less obvious post-punk streak in these fellows, and it stays pretty well hidden in the low end most of the time.But there are some jumbled rhythms that surface once in a while.Some of the slower numbers show signs of more than a few spins Todd Rundgren's "Runt" on their turntable, as well as a number of Spector love, and this is not a bad thing.
Good songwriting prevails on this Distractions' cassette.The songs are well structured, never really straying off into 70's jammy nothingness.There's a fair amount of free-riding on a single riff for a few extra measures, but this generally stays on track and delivers at every turn.Completely sold out from Plus, but expect a remastered vinyl version later this year, on the Infinite Best label.

Plus Tapes