Erik Gage - Heavy Mellow C18 (Gnar Tapes)

This tape has some heavy feelings. It also has a nice snap and crackle to the sound quality. It is from Gnar Tapes head honcho Erik Gage, also the singer for local rock weirdos White Fang. Gage offers up 18 minutes of pretty good honesty here. All songs are heavy on the home recorded sound, with songs titles like 'Flinstoned' 'Comfortably Dumb' and 'Rubbing Elmos' it has a very light hearted feeling to every aspect. Some full band pieces and some obviously solo ventures, maybe he is over dubbing also. Gage himself exemplifies the West Coast in my opinion. Such a care free attitude paired with a heavy creative streak of energy. This guy is ripping Portland from end to end right now, and his label 'Gnar Tapes' has some amazing releases. Back to the tape though. Seems like it would be best experienced on a porch through a boom box. Or possibly on the walkman at Walgreens. Lots of explicit self loathing and funny drug references.