BROKEN WATER - "s/t" C26 (Night People)

Olympia's Broken Water consists of former members of the short-lived Sisters and also Congratulations.Their newest,a collection of rare tracks, is a deep and affectionate batch of songs,that seem to be influenced as much by Seattle's musical history as they are it's damp,mountain air.Fuzzy guitars swirl around like a dense wind,washing away into thick and heavy riffing.There's some nice boy/girl vocal pairing happening at times,and their breathy,heartfelt harmonies fit into this stuff pretty well.I dig that there are more than a few different elements going on here,and not one of them seems to be forced or contrived.Most definitely has an awesome jangly-pop feel to it,and even more of a grunge vibe than you'd expect.The songs shift without warning, from somber acoustic twee to blown out psychedelic-heaviness in no time.I heard a bit of Unwound, Comet Gain, and Sonic Youth tactics every so often, which I suppose is expected.But after a few spins, I realized that Broken Water have got their own thing going on here, and a nice thing it is indeed.Suggested listening.New LP out now!

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