As I mentioned in a previous CGI FRIDAY related post, this young Portland,OR tape label was birthed from the discovery of 420 used cassettes, each priced at $4.20.They continue to put out killer releases that are both major ear and eye candy, for 4.20..CGI number three comes in the form of a 90 minute compilation cassette.It contains new and unreleased tracks by the likes of Wooden Shjips, Grass Widow, Inca Ore, Run DMT, White Fence and a bunch more of psych's more recent household names.Although this is run on used tapes, there is only a small amount pops n' snaps throughout it.I think the recording's tiny inconsistencies really add to the diy aesthetic of this release.
A slick white cassette with 3D decals comes housed in plastic case with a 2 panel J-card with 3D artwork, with glasses for proper viewing.The 80's hunk in a speedo,grilling up burgers on a beach hotel balcony jumps right off the paper and into your home.An all around great looking/sounding cassette.Can't wait for this label's next batch of releases.

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