??? “Unknown Arabic Tape” c60 [Unknown]

So I picked this tape up for 10 cents at Goodwill and played the hell out of it these past few weeks. I really have selfish motives for writing this review, as I’m hoping on the off chance someone will be able to tell me who/what this is. I’m pretty sure this is in Arabic which I do not speak a lick of which is the main obstacle that has stymied me from gaining any knowledge of who this guy is. Sound-wise, it’s a Um Kalthoum-style vocals and orchestra thing. What’s killer about this, aside from the absolutely sensational string section, is there’s definitely disco, funk and even reggae influences at work here at various times. It doesn’t even seem weird or out of place at all, it just sounds awesome. And, oh the strings! Maybe someone not that into string sections wouldn’t be so impressed here but I am really, really into them. Sometimes they have more of a pop sound, creating interplay with the vocals and a lot of the time they evoke film scores of the 60s and 70s. Spy movies, Morricone scores, whatever, all synthesized into something completely great in its own right. Anyhow, it’s amazing tape, no idea where to find it (I’m pretty sure it’s a bootleg anyway.) Your local thrift store maybe? Worked for me.
Now if anyone has any information on who this little Lothario is, let me know!!