The CGIFRIDAY tape label is somewhat of an experiment.Apparently these dudes found a box of 420 (no joke) used cassettes in a dumpster, all priced at $4.20.This inspired them to launch what is turning out to be a KILLER label, with all tapes priced guessed it $4.20 (+ s&h).
 This 44 minute brain dancer comes to us from a mysterious bunch of strange ones indeed.Gem Jones fills up side a with a slew of melodic drones and subtle ambient washes of synthesizers,guitars, and bursts of distant vocal dirge.It rarely makes it's way into any structured form of song, and that is where it scored big time.The layers of hazy melodies and wild organ runs reminded me of newer Tracey Trance stuff, but way more murky and cavernous.It flows nicely and kept my attention for the duration of side a.Good stuff.
  Side b comes from Part Time Cruiser, a 21 minute crawl through a strange and exotic toxic-wasteland.Green clouds of smoke rain down giant drops of distorted moans and blown out riffs.It has it's share of calm and collected moments,like a trickling creek flowing through a tranquil forest.But it isn't long before the fire gets out of control, and everything is set ablaze.Eruptions of tortured,yet melodic wails swell up and dissolve into tattered loops of fuzz and feedback.There are hints of pop crafting scattered throughout this piece, and you can almost hear an actual song trying to surface from the rubble.An interesting listen for sure.Perfect for night cruising with the T-tops off.Awesome stuff.
Get it here: CGIFRIDAY