LASSIE - "LASSIE" c20(?) [self-released]

Mike Pigott (MASSTROPICAS/Green Mansions) pushed me this Lassie tape the other day after playing it for me on a boombox in his kitchen. Lassie is Peter Bonneman + Steffen from Love Potion.

The first side is a big psych mess of heavy riffing, weird samples (a recording of an exorcism, John Wayne Gacy interview) and various layers of drums and congas somewhere deep in the mix. There's three distinct parts - the first third is backed by Latin percussion, the second third carries the momentum through a stretch haunted by exorcism moans and the third fucks with John Wayne Gacy. The second side is a bit grittier, less grooves and more harmonica. No idea where you can buy this but I'll try and find out and update this soon.