D//VV/D - "Gravitational Collapse" c30 (self released)

Phew!This one was a pleasant surprise indeed.D//VV/D reminds me a lot of Coil, more specifically, a Coil film score like Hellraiser.It's a strangely accessible mish mash of dark and bloodthirsty samples, synths and drum loops, who've all joined hands to dance maniacally around a church fire.Simple.It's a deeply foreboding listen, with some sinister vocals and deep industrial pounding.SPK and Skinny Puppy are decent reference points, although this guy wins because he's got a four-track vibe that keeps it honest and charming.Most of it hangs in the instrumental territory, and relies mainly on layers of grainy synthesizers and dense drum programming, although you'll hear a few coherently creepy voices rise up through the smoldering ash."Chaotic Summer" is a real lurker, and actually offers some tasteful vocoding.
Side B will really take you for a ride.It's mostly filled with demented drones and might be something that's playing in whatever they call "the depths of Hell" in outer space.Total cosmic doom.The standout track for me was "Gas Giant" which sounds like Throbbing Gristle playing some 90's club dub tune, at three different speeds, all at once.Black gold on a blue tape.Visit his site and pick one up before it's too late.Do it here.Edition of 50.