Sad Horse - "Eggy Tape" (Eggy Records)

Just got this one from Raf Spileman of Eggy Records a week or so ago. Eggy Records is one of my favorites and it happens to be based here in Portland where I live. Despite being an excellent musician and artist in his own right, Raf has insanely awesome taste and Eggy has been steadily releasing music by some of my favorite bands. The tapes always look and sound amazing and his all-killer distro is always bringing in Grade A shit t00. This brand-fucking-new one is up there with the best and has been super anxiously anticipated for by many. Sad Horse is a frenetic punk duo from Portland and this, their second album, comes after a long wait following their killer first, self-titled tape. I don't know much about Elizabeth but Jeff works at Exiled Records in Portland, which is an amazing record store owned by Scott Simmons of Eat Skull and Pacific City Nightlife Vision Band. There's an element of cool and funny in this music, an element that may be one of those things that seems to come with an informed intuition only possessed by record store employees. Maybe that's totally false, I don't know, but this dude is always playing rad shit in the store and I'm not surprised to hear that his band sounds the way it does. There's elements of Dead Moon in the guitar, their two voices are both higher registered yelling and remind me of early Boredoms sometimes, the drums are snappy and quick like George Hurley when he was in the Minutemen. The songs are surprisingly well written and dynamic, utilizing simplicity and style. The songs are brief but full and there's no sounds going on that weren't meant to be going on. Awesome production quality and, no-hating, a refreshing disregard for unnecessary reverb or surf tricks that so many radical little rock bands tend to incorporate. They definitely have their own thing going on and don't seem to be interested in joining in on any garage rock posturing, as fun and addicting as it may be. I really liked this tape and it's relatively short length makes it easy to jam over and over. I hear there is an LP in the works, so hopefully the wait for more won't be as long as last time. Grab one at Eggy's Mail Order Dept. Hand-painted covers!