(No Basement Is Deep Enough)

This tape marks the 20 year anniversary of Idea Fire Company's first release, the double LP "Explosion In A Shingle Factory." The Amherst, MA based IFCO generally operates as the duo of married couple Scoutt Foust and Karla Borecky, though they have included other members form time to time, such as Matt Krefting on their 2009 LP for Ultra Eczema, "Beauty School." IFCO is truly one of the great band's of the last few decades and they've stuck to a pretty consistent M.O., layering Foust's random noises and found sounds over Borecky's expert keyboard and piano lines. Very similarly to Cluster and other kosmische musik, IFCO makes fairly serious work that is, nevertheless, completely fun.

Though generally well received critically, IFCO small-run LPs, often released on Foust's Swill Radio (started in 1983) generally stay in print for many years, with copies of old releases being sold unopened by distros for bargain basement prices. Well, hell, who am I to complain? If you're looking to start an IFCO collection, it sure won't cost you an arm and a leg. That's something you can't say about kindred spirits The Shadow Ring, of which Foust and Borecky were sometimes members.

"Postcards" would surely be a great place to start that collection. It is a completely stunning and deserves a much larger release then this slim run of 93 copies. All but one of the pieces are from 2011, but it is as engrossing as the group's best work from any year.

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