"Get Out Of My Dreams, Get Under My Car" c40
RORY STORM "Wirewreath" c30
(Epic Sweep Records)

Epic Sweep is a New Zealand based label that appears to release the work of NZ based artists on lathe cut 7" and cassette. All of the runs are really small, with the Cookie Brooklyn tape being the real major production with a total of 40 copies made.

This Cookie Brooklyn tape is definitely my kind of thing. A collection of recordings made between 1996 and 1999 and then completed from 2006-2009. You get a little bit of downer folk, you get a dollop of noise/drone guitar jamming, you get a healthy helping of avant-garde spoken word with piano and plunking sounds. The guy's got a really nice voice and it shines even when buried beneath murky instrumentation, as it is on some tracks. Plus there's a really funny double-sided foldout insert with rambling commentary from Mr. Brooklyn, whose real name appears to be Mark Williams. I hope to be reviewing the next Cookie Brooklyn tape in about 15 years or so...

I feel like I just might not be qualified to comment on this music accurately. As far as I'm concerned, the most slamming "techno" I've ever heard is "Come Out" by Steve Reich. That shit really gets me dancing. Be that as it may, Rory Storm's "Wirewreath" is a completely enjoyable collection of beats and blurps to get your party started. Well, at least until the much more harsh B side kicks in. While this sort of music isn't usually my cup of tea, I have to say I enjoyed this tape.