Massive Update

Oh boy! I've really been letting the submissions pile up and I'm finally getting around to writing again. I've been busy starting a new record label (hence my blogger name change from Feeding Tube Records to One Kind Favor). In addition to the R. Stevie Moore review above, I have 19 more tapes I'll be writing up. I really appreciate everyone sending me their stuff and I'd like to make a pledge to review every tape I receive. Now, this means I might not like everything I'm reviewing, but I'm going to try to be fair, and if not fair, I'll at least try to be informative. Besides the 14 tapes reviewed below, I also have 5 astounding releases from the Belgian/Serbian label No Basement Is Deep Enough. Besides getting my vote for the best label name ever, they also win awards in my book for their absolutely outrageous package design. I'd like to give each of those releases their proper due, so I'm going to let what I've written today sink in and get to the NBIDE tapes next week...oh and it looks like I've bumped a few recent reviews to the next page, so continue on further for some more great stuff.