GRIEF ATHLETES/BRIDEBURGER "Split Cassette" c20 [No Label]

I received this tape a while back and if I remember correctly, it made its journey all the way from the UK. The metallic paint and feathers classily gooped on the front were certainly a sign of good things to come.
The first side titled "The Healing Power of Grief Athletes" works in three sections. The first is a kind of twisty, synth-drone bit built on a couple repetitive synth loops. However, the Athletes take every opportunity to whip blistered feedback all over the goddam place. The loops and feedback make an unnerving match as there's almost a shimmer to the synth but any hint of euphoria is smothered by the noise. The second section features echoing, scratchy percussion, whistling feedback and occasional synth bee-boopery. I probably prefer this slightly to the first section but I'm known to be partial basement scrapping. The third section is nice too, with a short bass loop and quietly undulating feedback initially, the band gets a little rougher before too long. There are a lot of cool elements on this side, even if they don't always come together totally seamlessly. Grief Athletes have all the makings to be a pretty interesting band, I'll be curious to see how they develop.
Brideburger's side is called "Untitled #6." What the hell's a brideburger? On second thought, I'm not sure I want to know. Brideburger is doomier than their counterparts on Side A. Sullen drones sigh against a wash of feedback until the dudes start raging. This definitely sounds good when you crank it up. The grim and grimy drone attack has the palpable essence of someone's dark and dingy subterranean underdwelling. Smoked for flavor.
You can buy this tape for 2, that's right 2, American dollars and according to the liner notes, the digital version is available from "the internet." Gotta love that dry British humour.