Nicholas Rejack, "Monolith Transmission No. 0" (self-released)

According to wiki, a monolith is: a geological feature such as a mountain, consisting of a single massive stone or rock, or a single piece of rock placed as, or within, a monument. Nicholas Rejack's Monolith Transmission No. 0 is EXACTLY the sound of "a single massive stone." Hailing from Florida, Rejack's music is noise of the highest quality. There's not much information available about him or his music, but I can say that this is my favorite tape I've yet heard since joining CG. The gurgling static snow that begins the first side is the soundtrack to an over thinking headspace. A certain kind of thickness rumbles and clashes as if the music is overtaking the environment beyond one's physical location. I picked up a guitar and started jamming along with the drones coming out of my stereo. Rejack's composition wasn't meant to be listened to this way I'm sure, but I WANTED to be a part of it as it was playing. My jamming didn't last too long as I became involved with the subtle tonalities revealing themselves underneath the fuzz - one could say I was transfixed. Side B started a bit quieter and swelled at a gentle pace until, like the first side, the noise was all I could focus on. This wasn't over the top abrasive noise, just steady and dense soundscaping. Again conventional notes could be heard under the snap crackle of the top layer of grime. The piece on side b cuts off unexpectedly, leaving me with only my own silence to deal with. I loved every second of this tape.

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