JEFF BEAM "Be Your Own Mirror"
HYENA "Gehuegen"

Jeff Beam "Be Your Own Mirror
This tape was hand-delivered to my mailbox in Portland, Maine.  You should listen to the music, it's really ambitious psychedelic power pop.  It came with a note:

 For a 
of "Be Your Own Mirror" (2012) 

send an email to

with the subject

You will then receive an 
email with instructions on 
how to download
the album.

Or you can just follow this link XXX to listen or purchase a cassette or CD copy of the album.

Hyena is another band initially from Maine, but they now have their home base in Boston.  Outside, The Great Drough, their debut full length LP, is a marvel of modern (yet oh-so-classic) arranging.  The singer, Colby Nathan, vibes heavy with shattered acid folkie warble, but his tunes veer from charred orchestral dissonance to Pet Sounds glory.  The new tape, called Gehuegen, is released on Colby's Laughable Recordings.  It's as least as good as the LP, if a little sparser.  Keep on the look out for these guys the next time they tour, but be sure to hear some of the recorded music to get the full picture, as performances can often be chaotic and quite confusing.  

Gehuegen XXX
Outside, The Great Drought XXX
Laughable Recordings XXX