Walter Gross- LA Pink Filth (I Had An Accident Records)

Walter Gross- LA Pink Filth TAPE Limited to 20 only $5 I spread grease on toast and took it as an offering to the landing craft. It would have been a fair exchange but Severance Pay comes falling out a window and starts taking pot shots at the home invasion artists who didn't think he'd be home. I hid in a convenience store until they were gone, played milk jacks and paper cuts on the carbon copy floor. I felt some paranoia coming on and crawled closer to a wall spray-painted with star charts of a constellation resembling the Stars and Stripes (they're going to make me write a report about this). Someone in the security closet watching the closed circuit cameras put on LA Pink Filth by Walter Gross. I knew it immediately, felt recharged and took some carbon to cake on my fingers. They'll want fingerprints; they'll want to know the specific time of each passerby. At some point the security guy fell asleep, slumped over his monitor, because this tape kept going on auto-reverse and no one came out to stop the looters. My favorite part of the ship sounds like this, cruising over the UAE, cruising under Lake Michigan. Downtown to UAE, sideways to Columbia, north to the relocated continental divide under the Pacific Coast highway, ending at Puget Power. If you want the best plates you get hub caps from the incandescent flea market with orange piƱatas. Spin twelve at once and let them crash to the floor of red ink feathers. Slam shut the heavy lid of the city and go backroom indigo. Lose the station, find the station again. Cars move sideways underground; be your own mechanic. Spin the plates to see your truck food at a new angle and learn which ways the alleys flex. Before the acoustics blind you, return to the track "There" and touch it from the bow to the stern. Even keel. Find a way to pull the freighter onshore. Our friends have been inside for a long time and want to show you how they've adjusted to other star systems. Stream "In America" and Order LA Pink Filth Here.