"Young Christian Balls" c32 (Digitalis Ltd.)
"My Real Dad: Live in Nappa" c20 (self released)

What the fuck Guerilla Toss?  You guys rule!  Best band in Boston right now if you want my opinion.  These cats are perhaps the only ones out there who are taking Fat Worm of Error's Prime Time-styled excursions and building a new sound upon it, with designs on taking us past the Epoch-a-lypse.  Ever wish that band would be just a tad less skittish in the rhythm-section dept? (not me, maybe you?).  Well Guerilla Toss is your party-rock answer to the eternal question: what do you get when you cross music schools smarts with neon-egg running-down-your-face-on-the-tilt-a-whirl?  They've got two new tapes out that showcase two slightly different line-ups, both highlighted by the prog-as-fuck rhythm section of Peter Negroponte & Simon Hanes and the guitar and keyboard tandem of Ian Kovac & Arian Shafiee.  The earlier tape on Digitalis Ltd. is an absolutely incredible sounding instrumental recording that features great sax work by former member Andy Allen.  Better snap this one up soon cause it's one of the last releases on the Digitalis Ltd. imprint.  Try the label's website or experimedia...The self released tape isn't as crystalline a recording but already shows the GT gang moving on to bigger and better things with their new vocalist Kassie Carlson (who replaced Allen).  Look for a re-release of this coming soon on Spooky Town.

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