Hear Hums - Psych Cycles ( Kassette Klub)

Hear Hums, “Psyche Cycles” is a constantly spinning wheel of interesting sounds, and that pop song you have heard somewhere before. An abundance of floor toms, decaying delay, and vocal yips and yawps drive this tape forward. To me it’s hard to not compare music like this to Animal Collective or Abe Vigoda. There is a lot going on, and the music is very sample driven, but remains pretty interesting. Ultimately, it’s best listened to either very loud or in headphones. In this jungle it’s about the adventure of peeling through the brush, rather than avoiding the wildlife. 

The tape itself looks very beautiful and was a nice introduction to the kassette klub label! It has neon green/clear case and the tape is red with nicely printed text on the A side. For fans of that wild tropical psych it’s worth picking up!

Listen and Buy HERE!