J Fernandez - "Olympic Village" [Reissue] (Teen River)

Oh shit, I've just discovered my new favorite tape label...at least for this month. Teen River is a funky fun lil label based in Chicago (I know, again with Chi town...but the city has the goods y'all) and they have released a ton of titles during their relatively brief existence - so read on and follow the links below. Come to think of it, I do remember reading about this label via Impose a while back, but memory is an unreliable authority.

J Fernandez's Olympic Village (reissue) is just a sweet ol "pop" album with dark melodies galore. Apparently the January release sold out so the minds behind TR (Gordon and Katrina Stonehart) have released it again. Fernandez's songs are wrapped in reverb, feature both acoustic & electronic beats, and are sprinkled with keyboards, but what I like best is that they are really songs. That is to say, the music comes across as thoroughly composed and well produced. I don't hear many tapes that have that "classic" produced vibe. Like when I was a kid hearing The Beatles or Beach Boys or even Radiohead, and marveling at how immaculately the instruments fit together. Fernandez's album makes great use of electric guitar too. He uses it like The Byrds used theirs. Chime & jangle, long may you ring. The opening tune, "Wasting the New Year," has a rolling riff that is just plain memorable. "Corridors" is another one of my fave songs here because it surprises me. Is that an accordion? Distorted organ too?!?! An instrumental song, "Impulse Mistakes," reminds me of an almost Brian Wilson composition for the Garageband era. OK, so I personally get a little tired of too much echo on music today, but for this tape I wouldn't want it "dry." BUY THIS ALBUM!

Listen and Buy HERE.

Teen River Soundcloud stuff (TR releases all styles).