Fear Konstruktor - Transparent (Lava Church)

    Fear Konstruktor’s “Transparent” isn’t scary; it’s more desolate than anything. You can feel the harsh cold of Moscow where Nikita Evsuk (Fear Konstruktor) is from. This tape sounds like a wasteland, it’s so empty, and is quite sad. That hollow feeling looms throughout the tape. Envisioning the large bronze statues and political figureheads becomes easy. A post apocalyptic world lies in front of you, the ground is bare, the rivers have run dry, and the city’s infrastructure is a thing of the past. Ultimately, there is something quite beautiful about the wreckage. All in all this tape is a good effort, and would be a perfect addition to the tape collection of any noise head.

    The packaging is great; full color everything, and even a trading card from the label Lava Church is included. Worth checking out! 

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