Little Spoon - Allergic to Jerks (Self-Released)

    Songs about having dreams run amuck on Little Spoon’s “Allergic to Jerks”. Which is appropriate because Boston, Massachusetts’s songwriter Cameron Potter creates infectious bedroom/dream pop. It’s all about how the beats and melodies intertwine on this tape and it is definitely the type of tape you slip into your Walkman and take on a journey. It’s pretty reverb heavy and despite its pace drags you into a slower more mellow state of mind. When I saw him he had a broken rib and still managed to play drums through his whole set, so as you might imagine you can really feel this guys passion for his music.

    The packaging on the tape is pretty solid, nothing mind blowing, but it’s about what is on the tape, and it comes with a free digital download too if you are into that. Either way, this is a solid slam for the dwindling summer. 

    Listen and Buy HERE!