Luscious Skin - "Ventriloquist" c35, Softoft - "Techech" c15 (Alchemist Records)

I always want to type "Luscious Jackson," but the duo is actually called Luscious Skin. Dancing their way from the midwest disco wastelands of Kansas City, LS manage to sound glossy and low budget at the same time. Their (Rhys Ziemba and Kyle Combs) "world" beats and pop vocal melodies are immediately attractive from the start on their album Ventriloquist. The title tune is a hooky acoustic guitar loop on top of a South American drum pattern with well done harmonies that hypnotize for over six minutes.  LS craft real pop music here, something that seems suited for a major indie. "You Belong to Yourself" is a bouncy bubbling synth jam that could be a "hit" if "hit" records still existed. "Office Furniture Exoskeleton" is my favorite tune with one of the better vocal arrangements I've heard this year. The album is pretty solid all around. LS knocks it out - I would recommend this tape for the synth-pop fanatic in your family.

Softoft is Paul Slocum of Dallas, TX. His EP Techech is a fifteen minute dance odyssey sound saturation to the max. Samples and club beats hit ya from the moment go and don't really let up. Some pieces tango with industrialesque whir or lo-fi buzz, but mainly this is a drum and happy synth party. It's hard to be disgruntled about something so short, so I'll just keep dancing, with or without you.

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