CLOUDSOUND (Fluere Tapes)

Mellow meditative guitar jams that sound like old-school longhair rockers after a long night, plugging their guitars in and giving a soundtrack to the sunrise, with the occasional ambient swelling that feels like it needs some whale sounds over it. Actually this whole thing would sound rad with some whale sounds over it.

A little bit meditative, a little bit "cool uncle". A little bit smooth, a little bit one-with-nature. A little bit waterfalls, a little bit delay pedal.

Growing a beard, chilling in the mystical path with some figs. In my walkman is this tape of sunset desert psych jammers. Music for grown-ups to get high in the wilderness to. Cactuses at night by the fire. Grown-ups let their hair down and go home.

Will make your heart go pitter-pat, right into your britches.

- - Garrison Heck