SLUSHIES and DOUBTING THOMAS CRUISE CONTROL - "Moonchild/Jailface" (Duckbill)

Doubting Thomas Cruise Control - Jailface
These guys are really good, this album is terrific.  The cover is awesome.  They remind me of Smog, Wilco, Pavement, bands like that, and the songs are fresh and engaging.  Easy country strumming and classic-style good songwriting and ripping psych guitar drone breakdowns.  The lyrics are good, too.  Jailface!  Top notch.

Slushies - Moonchild
Moonchild is an even better title than Jailface. These guys are not fucking around. This band is really good, too!  Slushies has more swagger, more shredding.  Damn, this tape is no joke, I'm impressed.  Blasts of clever, gnarly guitar.  Good band music.  I can feel the heart.

The reversible sleeve gives each band its own album cover and notes.  This stuff is great, totally recommended.

-- Kevin Oliver