“I don’t exist therefore I can do whatever I want” (Centers of Disease Control)

This tape offers two artists from the Midwestern United States who make experimental music. Forced into Femininity is the project of Jail Flanagan. Flanagan describes her process for creating her side as “hysterical and confrontational” and was soon followed by a nervous breakdown. She channeled a lot of that energy into her final product. The screeching vocals featured over numerous electronic effects from keyboard and synths that I found waiting for me were both hysterical and confrontational. Included on the Forced into Femininity side is a reading of Sylvia Plath’s “The Applicant”, which I very much appreciated.  

Right Eye Rita’s side is a bit more structured and less chaotic. That is not to say it isn’t interesting. Nonstandard instruments such as the hand organ on the song “My Glass”, as well as synths, accompany beautiful singing. I just don’t think, after listening, that Right Eye Rita had a nervous breakdown after recording her side. However, fans of acts like Zola Jesus and Weyes Blood’s pre-The Innocents definitely ought to check out.  

Right Eye Rita seems to have a minimal web presence but you can stream Forced into Femininity’s side here: