STRAWBERRY JACUZZI “Love Is For Suckers” (Grabbing Clouds)

Shannon Candy, Devon Press, Ross Tasch, and Nikita Word makeup Strawberry Jacuzzi from Chicago, Illinois. Their full length attempt, Love Is For Suckers demonstrates the variation of instruments they all fiddle around with.

Strawberry Jacuzzi have their own identity in making surprising pop tunes, showing individuality in every tune.They take a different approach on the track, French Girl, tinkering with the French language and infusing it to the hook. This album contains bold lyrics as well as an audacious, slight sass that nearly sounds like you’re giving lip to your parents. Furthermore, the second half of this record is absolute on its garage rock components. On the way to the last track of the LP, it is put to an end with the whole band chanting an acoustic ballad.

Grab your spray painted cassette from Grabbing Clouds and a free, digital download is available as well.

-- Jesus Perez