BILL FOREMAN "The Bliss-Chasers"

All problems solved...If you ever wondered what Jonathan Richman sounds like gone Americana, look no further! Actually, you can't help but like this Bill Foreman fellow. His tape comes in a ziplock bag with lyric booklet and a short letter...and a download code.

Bill doesn't have the range of Turley Richards (look him up) or even Jonathan Richman but he makes what he has work in this dirt road context. If Van Dyke Parks and that big bus took the main roads on Discover America (look this up too) then Old Bill surely takes the side streets. Maybe doing house parties every town or two. Maybe staying in state parks, tent camping on the sly...

This is America. Real America. Bedrooms, back rooms, back yards. White America though. No Jackie Wilson know the jukebox anywhere along the way. Having these lyrics is a gift. Foreman says it all straight and simply enough, but seeing it in print helps. Like having the map unfolded in the front seat at a stoplight.

Bill Foreman will likely never appear on a major label, yet his presence is needed and argument enough for the whole of this tape culture thing. This tape sucks you in the side door and take you across his version of not just America but the world as he sees it. Just as quickly you hear the stop/eject clack and it's over. This is what the best art does, it takes you away and returns you slightly changed. Bill Foreman has that gift. Thank you Bill....

-- Bob Zilli