PARALYCYST / SUN RAD “Split” (Property Tapes)

It’s with a heavy heart that I write this “review” today, as it’s not really a review. Or even whatever it is I happen to be writing on this platform at any given time. See, I was introduced to Paralycyst with this release, and the man who went by that pseudonym, Micah Danemayer, perished in the Ghost Ship fire in Oakland. I had written a completely different reflection on this tape, and then I scrapped it once I realized who Paraycyst was. In the end I just want to send my heartfelt condolences to Danemayer’s friends and family, and to anyone who has been touched by his music. I cannot imagine the pain that you feel. I hope you all can heal in some way and come together to honor Danemayer’s memory. My condolences also go out to the families and friends of others whose lives were claimed in the fire. The tragedy is unimaginable.

I wonder if we can rally with some music? I hope so. I always feel this great sense of camaraderie through music, and even though I don’t get out to shows or anything anymore, it’s still such an important part of my life and I know it’s a hugely important part of yours too. Paralycyst made some really intense, gritty techno, and I had a lot of fun getting through his half of the split. Sun Rad, from Boston, does a similar trick on side B, albeit with thicker synthesizers. Both are equally engaging. I wish I had more Paralycyst music to sift through. But even if you can get your hands on this tape, you’ll be able to listen on repeat to some really excellent dance tunes, and maybe that will help you ditch some of the pain for a while. It won’t be gone, surely, but if we can’t celebrate life when we can, what’s the point? That’s the great thing about music – its celebratory nature. I have hope for us. I also have hope that tragedies like this can be minimized in the future. This is my tribute to hope, and if it makes you feel better in some way, or if it points you to music that makes you feel better, then I think I’ve succeeded, just a little bit.

--Ryan Masteller