“Red Ocean Extractions”

Dellity’s Red Ocean Extractions marked the inauguration of Classical Trax helmed imprint, JEROME. It is a 60 minute exploration of live techno-aligned constructions split into two parts for the cassette format. Dellity traverses many forms of techno, weaving in and out of broken beat and four to the floor movements. The dynamic remains interesting due to the addition of many elements of ambient, melody and noise. Dellity’s ability to improvise the transitions on this tape is the most impressive facet. The weave between fragmented blips, mechanical samples, and playful key lines is executed with precision.

There is no track list and no separation between cuts in the digital version. It’s absolutely worth a listen if you are willing to commit to a deep listen, but may alienate those with a short attention span (track sifters).

Since Red Ocean Extractions is a daring jumping off point for the JEROME imprint, I am always excited to hear what is on the horizon for their catalogue.

LIYL: Clouds, Randomer, Paul Woolford

-- Joseph Morris