“Midst” C77 (Orb Tapes)

No one ever said a ride along the bardo’d be just swell. No, sir. This wild-eyed slow-burner of a journey is about as unpleasant as it gets without becoming downright painful, and the opportunities for enlightenment swim throughout the magnetic coils of kelp like furiously misplaced Coy Fish in a far-too-small-tank, frantically bashing themselves against abused piezo pickups, disembodied cinema soundbites, blown out tape loops, (almost) melodic, ghost-in-the-thrift-town-answering-machine warbles, midnight ETI drone visitations, and glorious, disorienting feedback.

If you’re looking for a HarshNoise answer to the NewNewAge sound-guided meditation, Orb Tapes has got all the dark crystals you’ll ever need…


-- Jacob An Kittenplan