“The Past Is Gone and the Future Is Not Yet Here” C27 (self-released)

Perpetual sunrise, or, if you’re more into it, persistent quasar emanations. That’s the Oxherding way. Sound and vision, foreground and background, all things interacting at once, and it’s perception that defines it. Fitz Hartwig, native of St. Louis, warps his own history, processing and positioning sound that he’s already processed and positioned across three EPs in the period of 2013-16, redefining his legacy in the process. This kind of sound is omnipresent when you close your eyes and let go, the stars dancing on the backs of your lids in quantifiable narcotic patterns as the wash of actual ambient waveforms reassemble themselves within your prefrontal cortex. Sunrise, and rise, and rise, and all rise to meet it, constantly and euphorically. And then the different trip, where quasars pulse, changing the nature of matter via nuclear process, and distance renders that immutable universal power to an interstellar showpiece, beautiful and immense. Observations, terrestrial or otherwise, extract meaning. Oxherding introduces that meaning in sound, which resonates long after the tape ends. It’s gotten behind your closed eyes, become part of the ambient waveforms, and has injected vibrant texture and color. It’s at once foreground and background, interacting with you and the cosmos at once. It becomes you, part of you, enjoining your history to Hartwig’s and others’, and there it is, the human family, reborn in ESP, connected by the brain’s electrical activity, vibing on the singular everlasting Om, and harmonizing with the planet and the spheres. The past is truly gone – the future comes quickly.

--Ryan Masteller