"The Discreet Charm of the Ghostmodern World"
(Ephem Aural)

Masaki Kuro drops off his dark electronic beats in a nice pad printed white/light grey cassette with full color printed inserts. I would describe Fomrer Airline as experimental electronic drone. The Discreet Charm of the Ghostmodern World is an album that more art than say, a danceble beat or slick guitar riff, then this is the tape for you. Not that that is bad thing... The synths on "At the Known Intersection" surround you with sparkling stereo raindrops, as if you are in the matrix! "The Flapper Disappears" merges a nice steady groove with a bunch of tasteful noise sprinkled on the top. Quality wise, the sound is fantastic, very low noise floor on the cassette, I love a good-fi cassette. Masaki also did all the artwork himself, good attention to detail, and a nice consistent style throughout.

- - Chuck Wolfe