"A Tribute to Tony Conrad'"
(Self Released)

Lather Sommer Duo side 'Conrad's Demons': If before recording his awesome solo album for the Melvin's series of 3, now 4 solo albums, Dale had taken a trip to Tokyo to pick up some psych inspiration, this is what the '92 Dale Crover solo album may have sounded like. Now classic sounding dirgey riffage, big sounding work-horse drums with wah-stomp feedback bends injected in the meat. Dood in flannel gripping a can of skuzz dream demo. Perfect for pulling all nighters in the van.

Open Sex side 'Fight the Snob Art of the Social Climbers': Take it down a few notches to the jammier, building on itself, airier Open Sex side. It's good to relax after the intensity of the LSD side. Open Sex knows the very open roads. 2 Drummers working very well together, a patient guitarist & an organist on the verge of rapture. The music seems to tell a cautionary tale. There's mystery ahead, mystery behind....better watch your speed.

--T Penn