SUPLINGTON “Repeating Flowers” (Youngbloods)

Producer Nakula Fogg’s output as Suplington is as gorgeously experimental as downtempo electronic music gets. Mixing found sound with his own minimal synthetics, Fogg creates a world as tactile and all-encompassing as the stages of life, death, rebirth, and everything in between. Fixating on a mood rooted in these natural processes, Suplington’s REPEATING FLOWERS wallows in the basest elements of existence, thereby enveloping any and all terrestrial entities and objects, glorifying them in whatever state they happen to be. It’s not hard, then, obviously, to get lost in the music, a chill mix as indebted to trip hop as it is to ambient, a Boards of Canada descendent without the obvious beatwork. The music easily takes over your current state, flowing through your consciousness and working on your perception as you begin to become aware of each living thing in your field of vision. Your hyperawareness causes you to get deeper into the music, and a cycle of symbiosis ensues. Do you really need REPEATING FLOWERS like a shark needs a remora? You might, at this point. Repeat REPEATING when it’s done if you don’t think you can stand another minute without it.


-- Ryan Masteller