TARPIT “Walls and Windows” (All Gone)

Like the bathroom stalls beneath old Veterans Stadium before they blew that abomination right up, Tarpit’s “music” is coated in grime and other unmentionable substances. It is likely that this artist/group is from Philly as well, at least according to the scant pieces of information that the internet turns up. But since I’m not about to poke around the old dark web for any further bits and pieces, you get what you get from me, an honest opinion on a barely coherent industrial/noise album. That sounds like damning commentary, but I assure you, if you’re the type of person who can stomach whatever still crawls in the dark corners of abandoned SEPTA subway stations, you’re probably in for a treat with Tarpit. The clangs, the squirms, the grotesqueries, all serve the greater whole of displacement and disillusionment. Coherence? Who needs it! Get lost in the muck – like, literally get lost until you’re truly unable to find your way home. Become one of the sewer people who are almost certainly living under every major metropolitan area. Especially Philly! One day they will all rise up and reclaim the surface.

All Gone

--Ryan Masteller