ARIAN ROBINSON "An Eternal Sleep"

This album opens up with a creepy dissonant track which is just named "I-II".
There are only three tacks on on this album, and they are just numbered, using roman numerals. The tracks average about 15 minutes long each.

The second track (titled "III") gives the impression that I am under an overpass, maybe in a river, then just when you start to get settled in, a jarring scream scares the shit out of you.

The last track makes me feel like I am at factory. Thats the thing about art music, it is all subjective. You might have different feelings.

Arian lives in Germany and makes art music. An Eternal Sleep is 45 minutes of Arians' work. As the cover art suggests it is very ambient and moody.

The noise floor is little bit high though. I recommend you turn on Dolby B, it actually works very well with this album.

-- Chuck Wolfe