BAYWITCH "Hella Spawn" (Halfshell Records)

The opening track, "Baywitch Theme" completely introduces you to the world of Hella Spawn. Imagine yourself on an island with all the time in world. All you can hear is the tide rolling and this album playing from an unknown source. Both creepy and inviting.
Groovy basslines, driving percussion, twinkling guitar riffs and a vocalist who sounds like they're singing to you through a ouija board. This release is definitely a healthy mix of party, surf, and ghouls. My favorite track has to be "I.O.D.T.H.C." and if you don't intend on listening to this album in it's entirety then at least give that track a listen.

The closing track "Potion Breeze" almost makes you wish you were on a deserted island enjoying the surf and this tape. All around Hellaspawn is a solid release and leaves the listener longing for more. That being said, I hope to hear and see more from Lila Burns and this incarnation of BAYWITCH.

-- Julienne Pasta