MAN BARTLETT "Space on Earth III"
C60 (Self-Released)

According to the j-card, the world is doomed to end soon through any one of a number of imminent disasters. As discouraging as that sounds, the artist offers some well-crafted sounds for the big goodbye, what he refers to as ìa hymn and a dirge for our little blue marble.î  Each side of the tape is a half hour titled simply by the dates they were recorded.

Side A  - "2070510" is the hymn.  Drone out to this korgtastic volume of minimalist warmth. It rises, it falls, it soothes the weary soul.

Side B - "20170605" is the dirge. Though much more atmospheric and menacing, it is no less intriguing.

Upon repeat listening, I found myself playing the second side first, then following up with the first side. 

Presented for you in a white cassette with blue stamping on both sides. Edition of fifty.

-- Gray Lee