DAVID CHUTKA "EP One" C20 (Albert Street Records)

Lawrence, Kansas’s David Chutka really outta be on PIXAR’s soundtracking payroll: his minimalist, sustain-heavy, mid-slow tempo piano mantras aren’t just “emotionally evocative”, they’re downright manipulative! All it’d take is to slap an animated visual of a dog watching its owner (though a window) leave for work after giving it a kiss on the nose and everybody in the house would be choked up in absolute, perfect unison.

This tape is criminally short, clocking in at under 15 minutes of music, with an extra-lovely American Football-esque vignette “hidden” at the end led by a gorgeous, richly timbre’d trombone line (layered over top the piano); Just, WOW, does it rrrrreally drive home how damn good it feels after a good professionally rendered cry? You be the judge, if you get the tape? Yup!

I’ll be looking for more good stuff from DC, and checking more movie score credits, too.


-- Jacob An Kittenplan