"My Grandmother Actually Made This/Azimuth"
Split EP (Sledged Infant Records)

Sledged Infant Records and Prudent Master team up to release an upbeat vaporwavish psychedelic onslaught of weirdness in a split EP form.

So, acid wave is a thing, and it perfectly describes this tape.

Production is top notch, insert is full color, both sides, and the cassette shell is a sultry ruby red.

Gertrude side: comparing this with the acid rock bands I am familiar with I would describe them as the Butthole Surfers of electronic music

Head nodding beats mixed with odd voice overs conjures up some sort of Pink Floyd remade for the new millennium (do we still care that we are in the future).

You probably should not actually take acid and put this album on, I am pretty sure that is a bad trip waiting to happen.

It is weird from the start and cranks that shit up at the end

Space Butter side:

Space Butter side consists of a bunch of old songs going back to 1972. It starts off with a really cool jam from 1990 called "Clovis".

It's my favorite track form the album!

It shares a common wiredness with Gertrude, while being a little bit more accesible. I suggest if you are still deadset on taking acid

to listen to this side.

-- Charles Wolfe