“Scenes of Scapes” C44
(Inner Islands)

Sharing Pacific island space with heavy-weights like Celer, , Endurance, Chihei Hatakeyama, and Hakobune (amongst a plethora of other comparably brilliant solo ambient-guitaristas…), Japan’s Kenji Kihara knows that, to set himself apart, he’ll have to augment his gorgeous six-string swells with some serious, precious gemstone bling…and gawt-DAMM does he! 

Beneath angelic choirs of chime, harmonics, phased synth warshes and time, time, time, KK dependably adds further and further depth and mesmerism to the Inner Islands roster, like you’d expect, but with a hint of somberness that reminds us simultaneously of eternity and our fleeting lifespan.

The physical tape is already sold out, but maybe the DL will come with 30-second, deep breaths and/or a crystal pendant? Keep the eyes peeled for more in the future!


— Jacob An Kittenplanj