“Live, Laugh…Die” C21
(Permanent Nostalgia)

Taking Musique Concrète to an overwhelmingly schizophrenic level, T. S. Rockafeller gives us “Live, Laugh…Die”, a self-smothering quilt of disembodied soliloquies, de-contextualized pop snippets, bizarr-o soundbite-crumbs, synth-jamz accompaniments, cascading vocal utterance-overlaps, hi-lightred one-line zingers, commercial cadences, wilderness field recordings, distant ceremonial documentations, a good part of Charlie Chaplin’s “The Great Dictator" speech, legless tap-dancing percussives, botched karaoke participations, and a whole slew of other titillating, if not emotionally taxing, aural ephemera to (attempt to) digest. You won’t get any particular passage stuck in your head so much as a nagging feeling that you’re now a li’l more plugged into the greater collective consciousness…for better or worse is contingent upon your own stress capacity at the time. Much like camping hanky-panky, this release is FUCKING INTENSE! You have been warned.

— Jacob An Kittenplan