Fogotten Light - "Distances" and Datavis - "Distant Space" (Hexagon Recordings)

Furniture music
musique d’ameublement
thanks a lot Mr. Satie...

The stuff currently taking its sweet time to escape from my stereo is no more important than the clanks and pips of my microwave or toaster oven or ceiling fan...I have two tapes from a relatively brand new label called Hexagon Recordings - one is half way through side B, the other already completed. Both tapes take distance as their theme. Literally. Forgotten Light's Distances and Datavis' Distant Spaces are cooked from the same ambient book. Forgotten Light gives us 40 minutes of slow rising and quickly fading music. This is definitely what ya want from drone/ambient tone dive. Can I handle it anymore? Will my mind be sucked into the void of the universe after playing another tape of similar sounds? Datavis' synth blopp is more "intense" than Forgotten Light's (though FL does appear on "Field" - track 1 side B), but not by much. David Lynch could turn this tape into a soundtrack for ANY of his films, past or future. Datavis is as much a space cadet as Forgotten Light! I'm out of words for these guys...basics: if ya worship ambient cassettes - you'll love these spools...if not, keep yr distance. 

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