Tom Kitty Oliver - Life On Loop (Self Released)

The delay is sent out and retracted back, the fuzz is maintained, and the natural sounds are welcomed. It’s a simple equation, track on track, record, playback, stop, over again. The sounds are twirling around and screaming out before they recede into the ever morphing and evolving audio journey that Tom Kitty Oliver has created on his cassette Life On Loop.

This piece of music is similar to a lot of stuff I have been hearing come out on cassette in the past two years. It’s part new age, part casio keyboard, part bedroom fuzz, I like it fine but at times I am not really surprised or moved by anything. It takes a surprisingly long time for it to feel dynamic and while it is catchy it feels more like a set of b-sides that were compiled together and released rather than its own animal. If you are looking for something from the same family try Hear Hums, Stag Hare, or Ray Lynch, they will give you a more fleshed version of this work.

What Tom Kitty Oliver does display on this tape well is his ability to pair sounds together with out muddling the mix and that is rare. Some of his sounds and tones are nice but it is hard to get a real opinion on the production because there is a lot of different sounding material on Life On Loop. It’s pretty scattered but when it hits it’s a good listen. In the end I would suggest checking it out for yourself, you might find a few jewels you can’t live without.  

The presentation is real simple, a green tape and a j-card, you get what you see. No labels on the tape but the j card is printed on both sides which is always nice. 

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