Stephen Steinbrink - Yellow Canary Jumpsuit (Le Horror & Lost Sound Tapes)

Full disclosure, Stephen Steinbrink is a really good friend of mine. I love him a lot; he is probably one of my best buds. We have shared some moments together, he is a good guy; either way I am going to try and say something about his music. Stephen is a pop singer songwriter who has evolved from shredding in a church band to ultimately ditching the cross for life on the road and the horns of another deity.

He has a bunch of good music out and I can honestly say he is one of my favorite contemporary singer songwriters. Think a beautifully singing angel inspired by the grit of Neil Young and the gentle echo of Arthur Russell. This dude has some amazing songs. Recently I was given a tape called “Yellow Canary Jumpsuit” that contains some of Steinbrink’s b-sides, covers, and collaborations. Some of these songs are real nice to hear because I would have never heard them if it wasn’t for this tape, tight! I really like the song Zacharias the melody and chorus are real nice and it comes off as a classic pop song.

However, the thing that is truly great about this tape is how it paints a picture of how diverse and multi talented Steinbrink is. It has some strange electronic elements, weird guitar tunings, and different vocal stylings the dude does it all! Originally, this was put out by Tempe, AZ label Le Horror but the reissue is now out on Lost Sound Tapes of Vancouver, British Columbia. It looks real good and it is worth picking up a copy! 

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