Your Heart Breaks - Harsh Tokes & Bong Jokes (Lost Sound Tapes)

It’s good to have fun, especially with music, you can have a good time and keep it real whenever wherever if you just have fun. Songs written to dance to are just a solid way to get the party started. Even the most introverted will break it down if the song is good enough! On Your Heart Breaks, “Harsh Tokes & Bong Jokes” you get served up a nice dose of pop punk dance slams and some sensitive pop songs with some classic rock influence.

The first thing that really stood out to me on this release is how good the Bass sounded; it just has a great tone and really drives this whole experience. Cool pro-queer weirdo songs run all over this releases along with teen rock anthems. Making Harsh Tokes & Bong Jokes a really good album to bob your head to, not to mention the tapes sound quality is phenomenal! Karl Blau recorded this, which is pretty cool as well and helps explain the high quality recording! The mood on the record sounds really Pacific Northwestern, which makes for a chill listening experience but warrants play all the way through the record. This reminds of early Dear Nora, especially the way the vocals sound. I really dig the way the the instruments all sync up on this work, the band feels really tight and you get the vibe that they are really good live and as fun as they sound!

My favorite tracks on this are The Foundation and 24th and Mission, the bass hooks me in and the vocal narratives assist in providing the listener with a story, rad! This is Lost Sound Tapes 37th release and it is packed in a plastic poly case, the tape is a nice solid red and the j-card is a folded piece of printer paper which isn’t amazingly printed but gets the job done! Definitely worth picking this tape up, it's perfect for these last couple days of Summer!

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