Three from Constellation Tatsu

I've come to expect a certain type of listening experience when it comes to tapes released by Constellation Tatsu. They have a roster of artists who specialize in personal ambient drone tones, floating through time and space - never in a hurry to make a point. Every new batch of tapes are sleekly designed and carefully composed. Since I've listened to and written about every release thus far...I feel like I've gone deep into their universes. My space travel has gone past Kubrick's 2001 and I've only been sitting in front of my stereo...

The split release from Quiet Evenings and Former Selves is textbook ambient music. For my money the winner here is Former Selves, but just by a little. Quiet Evenings side is quality, but familiar. Former Selves' "Future Nostalgia" manages to build and subtract music with a forward motion. I felt something (what, you ask - none of yr damn business!) while listening to their music. I didn't leave my body, but I came close. Excellent composition!

The music of Saguache is a more foreboding and hostile planet. On Terrain the duo of C. Yanits and Seth Chrisman don't shy away from the grit of discordant frequencies. This isn't aggressive or bleeding white noise, but ambience of darker birth. The improvisations on this set feel focused on exploring roads less travelled. The "terrain" is unforgiving, but the survival instinct is alive and well. This is my favorite of the batch.

CVLTS' Realiser has apparently been extended for this cassette release. Good for them! More quality electronic tinkering...more floating...the gadgets do the talking, but HOT DAMN I feel like I'm in for a thrill. "Brahma Weapons" is a killer cut so check this jam out - with its thumping rhythm section and swirling electrodes atop. This tape is the best recorded/performed of the batch. All the pieces, when listened to back to back to back, jump from groove to space flight. I never felt lulled into meditation on this album. Kinda schizo, but I like it.

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