LAB COAST "Editioned Houses" C26 (Night People)
RYAN GARBES "1965" C16 (Night People)

You know, Night-People has turned into quite an interesting pop label over the last few years.  The best music they've released of late has focused on artists who are either breaking new ground in songwriting/production (Blanche Blanche Blanche, Son of Salami and The Happy Jawbone Family Band - whose tape is forthcoming) or are simply just making really catchy music for our day and age.  This new tape by Lab Coast might fit more into the second category, but I had a hell of a good time listening to it.  They're a band from Canada that makes really catchy, only slightly weird, pop. Definitely check them out if you're into "feeling good."  The B side is a complete departure and goes of into rambling psych jamming. That part feels more like and afterthought, but will probably appeal to some folks more than others.

We also have a nice little EP from Wet Hair member Ryan Garbes, whose current music is going in a decidedly more pop direction, a la Tracey Trance. Lots of warm echo and guitar glissandos over autumnal campfire strumming. Super short tape, so if you want more, than please check out his LP on Hello Sunshine, which is in a similar vein.  Ryan did the artwork himself and it's printed really nicely.  Order the cassette direct from the label here.