"Sex U Up" C30 (Hissing Frames)

He's back, that lovable British lunatic, Robert Ridley-Shackleton.  Well actually he probably never left, seeing as this guys output is the definition of prolific.  Sex U Up is the best I've heard from him yet.  Apparently it was recorded after he got kicked out of his mother's house, which makes the subject matter all the shall we say, interesting.  The whole thing is a funky weird lo-fi R&B album where Rob's unhinged come-ons coast over hissing backing tracks.  He says he was singing through a modified telephone and that all the supporting music is made entirely of vocal sounds.  Quite charming really, in a sick sort of way.

This tape isn't up on his bandcamp yet, but you can hear older stuff here.  He's got a tumblr where he posts updates and artwork here.  Finally, you can see which of his ultra limited edition tapes are available here.  Sex U Up appears to still be in print, there's lots more too, including a split with Kommissar Hjuler and Mama Baer, which seems like it's some sort of rite of passage these days.