Iasos - Elixir (Rotifer Cassettes)

Walking through the blazing 100-degree Tempe, Arizona heat the line between New Age and classic Electronic music blurs for me. It’s so hot outside that the music whirring from my Walkman is the only thing providing me with any sort of comfort. Elixir by the band “Iasos” is a pretty legendary under water synth journey from 1983 that was reissued by the good people over at Rotifer Cassettes this year.

I could really go to great lengths to describe every teeny tiny little nuance that went into making this piece of music but lets just say it is one of my the most forgotten epic, aquatic, synthesizer experiences ever made. The sequencing and voices are all on point and you can hear the bottlenose dolphins swimming amongst the ruins of Atlantis. It reminds me of the work of Dean Evenson or Ray Lynch almost immediately. It’s really nice ride driven by subtle tones and simple celestial swells of sound. However, most of this release sounds big, it’s a gateway to another realm. So get wet and take a drink of the godliest sonic Elixir there is.

The tape is really beautiful and pro dubbed on some high quality chrome guys. There is imprinting and it just looks silky and nice over all pick it up! It will help save you from melting on those over bearing global warming summer days!

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